The Photographer

A self-taught photographer who found innovative ways to hone his craft, Robert Lester Aliscad boasts a well-balanced mix of classic and contemporary—made possible by his constant infusion of fresh ideas into long-established photography techniques—making scenes captured with his camera come out breathtakingly refined and refreshingly unique. In addition, his jovial personality, along with his natural ability to flex his shooting technique to meet his clients’ visions, effortlessly puts his subjects at ease, encouraging them to join in the creative process of his photography and providing them with the perfect avenue for self-expression. These, coupled with his keen eye for detail and deft touch with light, gives his compositions not only an air of elegance but also a sense of verisimilitude. That is why all his photos display a raw honesty that is capable of pulling on the heartstrings of viewers of all ages and from all walks of life.

With Robert Lester’s boundless creativity, winning personality and unbridled passion for his art, any life-defining moment captured through his viewfinder are momentarily transformed and forever immortalized as timeless stories of romance, intimacy and spontaneity. His skill as a photographer earned him numerous awards, most noteworthy of which are his 14 Accolades of Excellence awards from the Wedding Portrait Photographers International held in Las Vegas, U.S.A. He now serves as one of the board members of the Wedding Portraits of the Philippines and the current club treasurer.

So if you want to capture the pivotal moments in your wedding day, and relive these intimate experiences with your loved ones, you’d never go wrong getting your pictures taken the Robert Lester style.